Pasta-based/The complete Vegan Italian Thanksgiving eBook by Pasta-based

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The complete Vegan Italian Thanksgiving eBook by Pasta-based

    Download the full eBook to get recipes for a FOUR-course Vegan Italian-American Thanksgiving. Scroll down to learn more about what's inside the eBook and to download a FREE recipe sneak peek.

    What's Inside

    This eBook comes complete with a delicious FOUR-course Italian-inspired Thanksgiving meal with several additional sides to choose from.

    Here's a sneak peak of the Table of Contents!


    We're Matt and Steph, the people behind Pasta-based.

    We are recipe creators, photographers, foodies, and best friends living in Denver, Colorado.
    Three years ago, we went vegan.

    We LOVE cooking. We always have. But three years ago, we didn't have a lot of experience preparing most vegan ingredients. 

    So we started experimenting with recipes and trying to recreate our favorites.

    A lot of the recipes we were making were Italian-inspired and we needed a place to record them so we can make them again whenever we want.
    We first created Pasta-based to record the recipes we were creating, for ourselves. Then, we thought it might be fun to share them with you so you can enjoy them too.  

    Thanksgiving is one of the most challenging holidays for vegans in the US.

    Spending time with family that isn't vegan can sometimes make for awkward discussions or even tense arguments. We've been there.

    BUT -- we gotta say -- spending time with family during the holiday's can also make for wonderful memories, too!
    In fact, the recipes in this eBook are influenced by memories of Italian-American Thanksgiving's growing up. 

    This eBook contains TEN wholesome recipes for your Thanksgiving dinner in a PDF downloadable format. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo, nutritional data, and cups to metric conversions.

    Download the eBook and find a homestyle four-course Italian-American Thanksgiving meal. Make recipes like a classic grape tomato bruschetta appetizer, balsamic glaze drizzled on top. Or skip straight to dessert with a recipe for a heavenly pumpkin tiramisu.
    The vegan manicotti are the most nostalgic to me. It's not an Italian family's holiday if there's no pasta.  Stuffed pasta always makes for a more special occasion. Manicotti are the perfect primi piatti (first course).

    Our hope is that this eBook will help you create a Thanksgiving dinner that will outshine any Thanksgiving dinner you've had before.


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    Hi! We're Matt and Steph from Pasta-based.